Camerado provides management consulting, negotiation, regulatory intervention, analytical and advisory services across Canada. Established in 2009, the firm responds to an increasing need to develop renewable energy and to implement energy conservation in a manner that recognizes environmental, social and economic challenges and opportunities, while respecting the needs and aspirations of local communities to determine their own energy futures.


Our DirectorRichard M. (Rick) Hendriks is the Director of Camerado Energy. Rick has twenty years of technical, environmental, regulatory and policy knowledge and experience of the electricity sector in Canada. He provides management consulting, strategic planning, analytical, research, negotiation, and consultation services to clients. Rick works with organizational leadership to envision, implement and achieve strategic, economic and environmental objectives. Trained in engineering, science and social science, he brings an analytical, structured and comprehensive approach to understanding, engaging and explaining the opportunities and risks of energy policies, plans and projects. An experienced negotiator, facilitator and educator, Rick supports clients seeking to build partnerships, to understand the implications of proposed projects and policies, to resolve historic disputes, and to intervene in regulatory processes to change the course of development.